Xolo to launch new Black sub-brand smartphone every quarter, Exclusive to Flipkart

xolo black

Xolo announced the Black sub-brand of smartphones that will be available exclusively via online. The first device under this new sub-brand is all set to go official this month in the sub Rs 15,000 price bracket.

The India based vendor is planning to launch one handset every quarter under this Black sub-brand. It appears like Xolo is aiming to compete with the Chinese brand Xiaomi, Micromax Yu, Motorola and others by making the devices exclusive to online sales.

Xolo launched Black to render more comfort and convenience to the customers by letting them buy the devices online. Moreover, the firm is inspired by the other companies that are mentioned above as they have managed to generate a huge chunk of revenue from the online sales model.

Regarding this, Sunil Raina, the Business Head at Xolo stated that Xolo is focusing on building a very strong digital presence. Right now, Xolo receives 20 percent to 22 percent of the total sales from online. The sub-brand Black with its online only strategy is expected to help Xolo achieve a natural progression in this online sales approach.

xolo black

The executive did not comment anything regarding the contribution of the sub-brand Black to the online sales volume. He stated that the firm is looking to launch a new device in this sub-brand every quarter. Also, it was revealed that the firm has three to four devices in its portfolio right now.

Xolo tied up with Flipkart to sell its first smartphone in the Black lineup. Regarding this, Michael Adnani, Flipkart’s Vice President Commerce Platform & Head of Strategic Brand Alliances claimed that the premium sub-brand Black of Xolo will be exclusive to Flipkart.

Brands such as Micromax’s Yu, Huawei’s Honor lineup and ZTE’s Nubia lineup of devices are focusing largely on the online sales. It is expected that the tier 1 and metro cities in the country will make up for around 40 to 50 percent of Xolo’s business as these cities have a strong online buying practice.

Furthermore, the Black sub-brand of devices are said to equip high-end technology dispute carrying a reasonable price tag. The devices are said to be future ready as they will be LTE enabled.