Xiaomi Mi 6 may not feature 3.5mm headphone jack

Those impressed with Xiaomi’s 2016 flagship phone the Mi 5 will be delighted to know that the Chinese OEM is working on its 2017 flagship device named Mi 6. From what we have seen and heard till now, it appears to fully justify its flagship status. A new leak has emerged showing images of the third-party case of Mi 6. These images throws light on two Xiaomi Mi 6 features. First, that there will be no 3.5 mm audio jack on the flagship smartphone. Xiaomi has instead opted for the USB C type port. The second feature is that it will be waterproof.

All top brand smartphone manufacturers have been following the trend of making their devices carry IP 68 rating which signifies water and dust proofing. Xiaomi has followed this trend. Again, many brands such as Apple, LeEco have done away with 3.5 mm audio jack on their devices and Xiaomi has clearly tuned in to this.

Another important feature visible from the leaked images is the dual rear camera setup on the Mi 6 which falls in line with past rumors. The camera placement is at the top left corner of rear panel.

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These leaked specs put the Mi 6 ahead of its predecessor in terms of camera. The Mi 5 carried a 16 MP rear camera with dual-LED flash and a 4MP front shooter. On the other hand, Mi 6 will flaunt dual rear camera (as seen in the image above) and a 8MP selfie snapper.

It’s not only in terms of camera that Mi 6 gets an upgrade, but a host of other features as well. The SoC and the OS on board has been bumped up to Snapdragon 835 processor and Android Nougat in Mi 6, from Snapdragon 820 and Android Marshmallow as seen on Mi 5. The 3000 mAh battery gets a slight improvement to 3200 mAh on Mi 6.

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Notably, Xiaomi will launch the 2017 flagship phone in two variants- Mi 6 and Mi 6 Plus also known as the Mi 6 youth and standard or ceramic edition respectively. The $70 price difference between the two would be based on the screen size and quality as well as RAM capacity.

The youth edition of Mi6 will sport a flat 5.2-inch Full HD display (1920×1080 pixels) while the the standard or ceramic edition is expected to flaunt a curved 5.5-inch WQHD display (2560×1440 pixels). In terms of storage, the former will pack in 4GB RAM/64GB ROM combo while the latter will boast of 6GB RAM/ 64GB ROM.

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  1. Waterproofing is a welcome feature but no headphone jack? A disappointing trend that seems to be unfortunately spreading.

  2. Why tho ? water resistance is not as important and not everyone is going to jump into a pool with their phone in hand .Very mild water resistance would’ve been more than sufficient 🙁

  3. after the official launch yesterday, I’m so sad to say this is true, but they did make up for it by splash resistance and stereo speakers!!

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