Xiaomi devices to support Google Camera app without root

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One of the features that make the Google Pixel phones such great pieces of hardware is their incredible camera. While it has been possible to get some of the Google Camera tricks to other devices, things haven’t been quite straightforward when it comes to Xiaomi.

In order to run the Google Camera app on any smartphone, the device in question must support HAL3 or Camera2API, but with MIUI being a forked version of Android, this wasn’t an option. Still, you can get the app on your Xiaomi phone, but to achieve good functionality, one has to go the rooting channel and we all know not everyone is a fan.

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On the brighter side, reports from China reveal that beginning with the latest MIUI 10 beta 8.11.8, Xiaomi devices will no longer require rooting in order to support the Google Camera app. This means that you can simply grab the APK and install it on your Xiaomi device like any other APK and shoot the camera app to take advantage of Google’s additions. However, not all features will be available at your disposal.

Again, this feature is reportedly still limited to the China ROM. When it will be made available for the global ROM is still unknown – and the same is true for the stable ROM, both China and global. Of course, we’ll keep an eye on the developments and let you know when it’s good to go.

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