What’s the issue with FaceApp App?

Did you notice that most of your following has aged by 50 years on your Instagram handle? The trend was triggered by the FaceApp that went viral again. The app developers made a big-time in the past two years with its old age filter that has managed to hit popularity again with its #faceappchallenge.

However, this time the FaceApp is being in the news for one more reason. The app is in question for its privacy concerns. The Democratic National Committee has raised a security alert to 2020 Presidential Campaigns that have bought us to question the app’s authenticity.

FaceApp owes its origin to Russia and the DNC has warned not to use the app for 2020 Presidential Campaigns. It has been reported that the app can access the user’s gallery even when the access is denied which is a huge security flaw. Further adding to the issue, the app uploads all its images to the apps’ cloud storage without the user’s consent.

The issue persists for both Android and iOS versions of the app. However, the company has finally responded to the controversy stating, that the app may store a photo uploaded in the app for performance and traffic and most of the images on the cloud are deleted within a span of 48 hours.

We can still conclude that the company’s clarification is not satisfactory enough to use the app and put your privacy in question.

What do you think?

Anyway, social media is going crazy about the app and it has managed to cross the 100 million downloads benchmark on the Play Store alone (download link).

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