What is Creative XP Glitch in Fortnite?

No game is perfect. There are bound to be glitches in all of them for the sole reason that, well, they’ve been created by humans beings. Even massively popular games like Fortnite are not immune to it. In fact, the opposite is true. As more and more players play the game, some of them are eventually going to stumble across these exploits.

Every new Fortnite season comes with its own set of glitches that players come to exploit. With the new season out, there already have been a few of them that have been discovered and patched but not before some players were able to exploit them.

Some glitches can be quite annoying as they affect one’s gameplay, but there are certain others that players have come to take advantage of in unexpectedly unique ways to level up their game. In this guide, we take a look at one such glitch in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 that players are making hay with.

What is Creative Mode?


Before we get to the glitch, it’s important to get the basics clear. In Fortnite, you are not only limited to the island map that Epic Games has provided you. You can create your own creative islands if you think you can do better, or just see how much worse you can do. This is a place where you are the boss. You make the rules, populate it with things you like and invite your friends there.

The tools you’ll need will be on the right-hand side of your screen. All your island creations are saved automatically and can keep the server going for up to 4 hours at a time. You can give some creative license to your friends if you want. But if you’d rather they not meddle in your creative endeavors, you can set the appropriate permissions.

What is XP?

If you don’t know what XP is, it is fair to assume that you’ve never played a game before. XP basically stands for Experience Points. Every time you kill an enemy, complete a quest, discover new areas, or just do things both simple and odd. Your game-experience is measured by your XP.

XP determines what level you’re on and what you can unlock in a game. If you come across a player who has a very low XP, you can be sure that s/he is just starting out; come across someone whose XP is way above yours and you may want to run away. It is one measure that you can safely rely on to tell you how long and hard someone has played the game.

But sometimes players use game glitches to speed up their XP gain without actually ‘doing’ anything.

What is Creative XP Glitch?

In order to get their hands on new skins and items, players have to reach certain XP levels. This they do in a variety of ways – completing quests, daily challenges, getting in their kills and assists, and some other lesser-known ways. But even with these methods, leveling up can be quite an ordeal, so much so that players end up spending their V-bucks on leveling up.

But by exploiting one simple glitch, they can bypass all of these tedious tasks and get leveled up for free. This is the Creative XP glitch which many may remember from previous seasons. Apparently, it’s still a thing and hasn’t been fixed. The amazing bit is that you don’t have to do a thing.

Taking Advantage of Creative XP Glitch

To exploit this glitch, enter into a Creative game and spend some time AFK. This is not strictly necessary as you can roam about, play with friends, do whatever you want to do. But by just spending fifteen minutes in the Creative lobby, you receive about 15,300 XP. Every Fifteen Minutes. Basically, you can enter the game and go AFK. By the time you come back, you’re going to have amassed a stupendous amount of XP.

This is the simplest way to earn XP, ever, and players can gain a limitless supply of XP by just being a part of the lobby.

Earn more with Supercharged XP

To make the best of this nifty little trick, we recommend trying when you have Supercharged XP. This is a limited-time bonus that players receive when they log in during certain hours of the day. As soon as you log in during those hours, you will automatically activate the supercharged XP which, as the name suggests, gives a big XP boost.

Entering the Creative game with Supercharged XP can almost triple the XP that you get. That means at every 15 minutes, you can potentially receive about 45,000 XP for doing nothing at all.

What to do when it doesn’t work?

There have been instances when the glitch works only the first time and for the subsequent fifteen-minute gaps, players receive nothing. If that happens, don’t worry. You are not cursed. It is possible that the glitch has a glitch. But there’s still a way around it.

After the first time that you get your free XP, get out of the game and re-enter it. Wait 15 minutes and you should get your free XP again. This should ensure that you don’t waste your precious 15 minutes and get something out of them every single time.

That’s about it. The same glitch was present in Season 4 as well and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be patched anytime soon. Keep doing it as long as you want to level up and get the skins and unlockables that you’ve been wanting to get.