What is ASMR slicing game and why can you play it?

If you have recently been on YouTube and Facebook, you may have come across ASMR videos. These are videos of people doing visually pleasing activities, like a clean slice of pie, or perfectly laid brickwork. Whatever the content, the main purpose behind it is to create a sense of relaxation. Building on this trend, ASMR slicing, brings the experience right into your hands!

What is ASMR Slicing?

ASMR Slicing is a game that attempts to induce ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) in the players. The game is simple and calming. It involves using a knife to gently slice through different shapes of kinetic sand. Kinetic sand, as you may have seen online, has a very pleasing way of being sliced.

The slicing is accompanied by gentle physical vibrations on your device, as well as sounds. (make sure your phone volume is turned up).

The first couple of levels simply have you enjoy the art of slicing kinetic sand. As you advance through the game, you receive different goals for different levels; for example, ‘slice the object into 4 portions only’.

Download ASMR Slicing: Android | iOS

What do we like about this game

If you are a fan of ASMR videos, you are definitely going to enjoy this game. Here are some features of the game that make it so fun to play.

  • Haptic feedback

The gentle vibration of haptic feedback is oddly calming and makes you want to keep slicing new objects. It is not too strong so as to make your phone vibrate off your desk.

  • Sounds

The sounds are made to match the equipment you are using to slice the sand. They are quite pleasing and accurate.

  • Equipment

As you collect coins, you can buy new equipment to slice your sand. The equipment comes with its own default sounds for slicing sand.

  • Simple challenges

The challenges set in the game are very basic, and do not need much thought. However, they do bring a change to break the monotony of the gameplay.

Who should play this game?

The simplistic nature of the game makes it perfect for kids, as well as adults who are looking to calm down and not challenge themselves with complicated gameplay. The game is perfect for killing time and relaxing at the end of the day.

The monotonic nature of the game is regularly broken with small challenges to help shake things up.

Special tips to avoid Ads!

These types of games are usually riddled with popup ads that ruin the continuity of the gameplay. If you are like us, and do not like constantly being interrupted by ads, use the following tips below.

  • Turn off the Internet: Video ads require an active internet connection to stream. By turning off your Internet, the ads will not be able to load. Even if they try to open and stream, you will be able to press the ‘back button’ on your device and immediately skip them.
  • Use the home button to skip the Ad: If you need to keep your internet on, there is still a way to skip the intrusive ads. When an ad pops up, quickly press the home button on your device to minimize the game. Then launch the game again, by clicking on its icon. This will cause the ad to skip, and you can continue on to the next level!

Alternative games

If you enjoyed this game, you should check out these alternatives, which are quite good too!

  • Slice Shapes

Slice Shapes is a physics-based slicing game that requires players to slice objects with their fingers to solve numerous puzzles. The puzzles get increasingly more complicated as the game progresses.

Download Slice Shapes: Android

  • Fruit Master

Throw ninja stars at the rotating fruits to make yourself a smoothie! Fruit Master has some fun animations that involve your fruit being dunked into a blender after getting sliced. The game requires a bit of skill to throw the ninja stars just right.

Download Fruit Master: Android | iOS

  • Cut the Rope 2

The follow up to the legendary game is just as good as the original. The game has new logic puzzles that must be solved by cutting the rope strategically to complete the level. The puzzles get infinitely more challenging as you keep playing. There are new characters introduced to add more powerups to your gameplay.

Download Cut the Rope 2: Android | iOS

  • Slice game – Perfect cut

This is a unique slicing game, in which players must slice the objects in perfect halves. The game restarts after 3 failed attempts to divide the object equally. Set a start point and end point for the cut and drag your finger through the object. The game is surprisingly difficult, as the objects are not symmetrical.

Download Slice game – Perfect cut: Android

  • Infinity SLICE

Infinity slice is an interesting puzzle slicer game. The game requires players to slice through a plane; but the twist is that the plane has moving marbles. If you hit a marble, you have to restart the level. Good timing, and a little bit of strategy will help you get past these fun levels.

Download Infinity SLICE: Android | iOS

What are some of your favorite ASMR games? Let us know in the comments below.

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