What is a Cameo Live Zoom call?

Cameo Live Zoom call

Cameo is the famous app for ordinary people to meet famous people. Was that confusing? Well, it’s quite simple, actually. The start-up allows everyday joes to book shootouts for themselves or their friends through specific celebrities. So instead of groveling on twitter, all you have to do a select the celebrity, and let them know what to say!

A new update to the app now allows you to get on a Zoom call with your favorite celebrities! Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is a Cameo Live Zoom call?

Cameo has added a new option to its Celebrity shoutout app. While previously you could book a celebrity to create a short personalized video for you, the new update now allows you to get on a Zoom call with your favorite celebrity!

You need to check the availability of your selected celebrity, of course, but other than that it is quite a seamless process. The Zoom calls are scheduled for ten minutes. However, during the launch phase, some celebrities were known to extend that by a few minutes. We guess it depends on well you keep your celebrity entertained!

The Zoom video call can accommodate up to five people including you. As of now, Cameo does not allow you to add more people as they claim they want the experience to be ‘personalized’.

Not all the celebrities are currently offering Zoom videos though, so you’ll have to check with your favorites to make sure. However, there are some big names currently bookable like Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings, Ian Ziering, and even Tony Hawk!

How to book a Cameo Live Zoom call?

Cameo has made it super easy to set up a Cameo Live Zoom call. Simply select the celebrity that you would like to book, then tap Book a Zoom. You book Zoom calls on both, the Cameo website as well as the mobile app (Android | iOS).

Once you select the celebrity to call, you’ll be directed to a calendar. Here you can check which days your celebrity is available, and also set a time slot.

Next, you have to fill out a form, letting them know who will be joining, if there is an occasion, and what you would like them to talk about.

Once you have scheduled the Cameo Live Zoom call, you will receive an email confirming your date and time slot. The email will also include the meeting invite link.

How much does a Cameo Live Zoom call cost

Just like shoutout videos, Cameo Live Zoom calls are priced by the celebrity whom you are calling. So each celebrity has a different price point. You can easily sort through the prices though since they are mentioned right up front with their names.

So which celebrity are you going to book for your virtual birthday? What do you think of Cameo’s new Live Zoom call feature? Let us know in the comments below. 

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