Want to run Android apps on Linux? SPURV hears you!

If you have caught yourself asking why you can’t use your Android apps on your desktop Linux, don’t freak out but Collabora was listening, as per the report from Phoronix. What’s even better is that they’ve figured out something you could use.

Collabora is a software development and consulting company that created SPURV. They describe it as an “experimental containerized Android environment”. SPURV is able to run Android applications in windows alongside Linux applications.

SPURV lets you run android applications on Linux by creating a virtual android device on your Linux desktop. Sure, BlueStacks and other tools do the same thing but it is the “SPURV HWComposer” that sets SPURV apart from the rest.

You will need to use the Wayland Display Server to achieve this marvelous feat. This way you can see your android apps in floating windows along with your native Linux applications on your desktop.

You will have to build SPURV from the source code.

But once you do SPURV will access its own components to enable an android environment where the android apps can play audio by enabling an audio bridge from Android to PulseAudio and display hardware-accelerated graphics by enabling a graphics bridge from Android to Wayland. 

You wanna play Angry Birds on your desktop, go ahead. SPURV has you covered.

Via: AndroidPolice

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