Verizon releases January update for Moto G6

Verizon Wireless has been on a spree ever since 2019 began, rolling out one update after the other. The company has rolled out the January update for Moto E5 Go and ZTE Blade Vantage, updated its Verizon Gear S3 to Tizen 4.0 and rolled out Android Pie for Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Additionally, they also released the Nokia 2 V and Verizon One Talk last month. The latest addition to this list is the Moto G6, which received a software update from the telecommunication company a few days ago.

Verizon has attributed the following functions to the software update: optimizing device performance, resolving known issues and applying the latest security patches. With this update, the current security patch level is January 1, 2019, and the software version is ODSS27.104-95-2.

Since this is an OTA release, it will take time before all Moto G6 users jump on board. Verizon advises users to ensure that the phone is fully charged before commencement and to have a strong internet connection.

The current update is based on Android Oreo, although not long ago, we learned that the Moto G6 update to Android Pie is ready to begin in the U.S., so we may see it on Verizon later this month or in March 2019.