US Cellular to sell LG Apex Android 2.1 phone for $80. Launch Date Nov. 19

LG Apex Launch Date and Specs

It looks like LG is set to become a favorite — if not the only — choice of mobile phone users who are tinkering with the idea of making a switch to a budget level smartphone. While iPhone and new Windows phone 7 OS devices have no offerings at the entry level, those purchasing their first smartphone are very much inclined to grab an android phone, with OS version 2.1 or 2.2 and processing power somewhere near 600 Mhz. So, who’s counting on this? Well, it seems to us LG has its eyes pretty much set on this, as the Company is rolling out its entry level android handsets with almost every US carrier.

We already told you about the LG trio of budget android phones — Optimus T for T-Mobile, Optimus S for Sprint and the LG Vortex for Verizon. Now US Cellular too has joined in with LG and guess what, they are able to grab up not one, but two devices.

The first one is the LG Apex, a QWERTY slider android 2.1 phone with screen size of 3.2 inches, a 3.2 Megapixel camera with support for autofocus and other worthy stuff of a phone in its range. The LG Apex will begin selling on Nov 19, Friday for $80 on a 2 year contract basis.

US Cellular also plans to launch another low-priced phone, named as LG Optimus U, a non-qwerty phone and brother of the above trio of phones launched at T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

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  1. It’s great at everything it does, except it is a terrible cell phone. GPS, great, Wi-fi, great, internet good, apps, good,

    PHONE = BAD….

    Calls go through on the USC network like clockwork on my $9.95 Tracfone, but this phone cannot place a call with less than 2 bars….right two bars…..

    If you want a great palm held non-phone, go for it. Their believe project and this phone is make believe.

    1. Lol!
      Really, it’s something similar I sometimes feel about my Samsung Galaxy S too. Let’s face it! it’s with any smartphone phone today.
      Yep! I also keep one very slim black&white phone with me, whose battery lasts 3 days and never lets me down, when the main phone functions of calling is required.
      So, I would agree with you that keeping two phones is rather good!

  2. I have this phone and I love it no issues with calls or aps love love love

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