Update Nexus 6 to pre-rooted LMY47Z Stock Rooted ROM that won’t force encryption

The LMY47Z update is the latest build available for the Nexus 6, but the thing is, it’s officially available as flashable factory image only for Sprint and US Cellular Nexus 6 sets. If you have the unlocked version, you really are kept to wait by Google. Well, if that’s not your strong suit, shoot to downloads section and grab the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update in LMY47Z firmware right away, as .zip file that’s flashable from custom recovery. The ROM is 100% stock build without any mods added or apps deleted whatsoever.

What’s more, the LMY47Z build is pre-rooted, and comes with the decrypted boot.img that doesn’t forces encryption on your Nexus 6. Both the features that you desperately want on your Nexus 6,even after you flash the factory image. Credit for this Nexus 6 ROM goes to Danvdh, thanks!

Let’s see how to install the pre-rooted LMY47Z firmware with decrypted boot on your unlocked Nexus 6.


Supported devices

  • GOOGLE NEXUS 6, unlocked version
  • Don’t try on Nexus 6 sets at Sprint, Verizon, etc.
  • Don’t try on any other device whatsoever


Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup necessary stuff. In case your device is wiped off, it’s good to have backup of contacts, photos, videos and other files. Hence, create a backup of important stuff in your phone right away.

  1. Download the ROM from above, and transfer it to phone’s storage. Remember the location where you put it.
  2. Make sure you’ve got a custom recovery like TWRP, CWM or Philz installed on your Nexus 6. Best thing to do is download the latest TWRP recovery from official downloads page, and then install it on your Nexus 6 using our guide over here.
  3. Reboot into recovery mode. Once you’ve installed the recovery as mentioned on the page linked above, do this to boot into recovery mode:
    1. Power off your Nexus 6.
    2. Press and hod both Volume Down and Power button together until you see anything on screen.
    3. Use Volume buttons to scroll between options. Get to Recovery option, and then Power button to select it and reboot into recovery.
  4. [Optional] Make a backup. Once in TWRP recovery, take a backup of your current ROM. Select Backup, then do a “Swipe to Back Up” on the bottom of the screen. Wait for the backup to finish, it’s a time consuming process.
  5. Wipe your device. Once the backup is finished, do this: tap on Wipe, then Advanced wipe, and then select Cache, System, Dalvik/ART cache and Data. Then do the “Swipe to wipe” at bottom to ready the device for ROM flashing by erasing the cache, dalvik cache and data in one shot.
  6. Install ROM now. Go back to the main menu of TWRP recovery and select Install. Navigate to the file where you saved your ROM’s zip file (Shamu-Stock-Root-5.1.1-LMY47Z.zip), select it and “Swipe to Confirm Flash” on the bottom of the screen. Now wait until the flashing process finishes.
  7. Go to back to recovery’s Main menu, select Reboot » select System.

Device will restart and you will have the latest Nexus 6 LMY47Z Android 5.1.1 update running, that’s pre-rooted, with encryption disabled by default.

That’s it. Let us know if you know any help with TWRP recovery installation or anything with update process, via comments section below.

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