Undelete for Android — Recover Deleted Files On Your Android Phone

If you’ve ever felt the need to get an old file back after deleting it from your phone by accident, Undelete is here to save the day. Undelete lets you recover deleted files from your phone’s SD card or internal storage. It supports many types of files, like music, images, videos, and over a 1000 other file formats.

Here’s a list of the key features of the app:

  • Restore any file that has not been written over
  • Securely wipe/shred files
  • Works with documents, images, video, music, archives and binaries
  • Batch operations
  • Custom restore folder
  • Preview media files

Undelete requires root access to work, so make sure your phone is rooted. When you start it up, Undelete runs a scan of your phone’s storage (or SD card), then lists the files that it thinks can be recovered. It lists the files by different categories such as images, music, videos, or all files together regardless of their type. You then have an option to either recover the found files, or shred them so they cannot be recovered at all. Media files can also be previewed before being recovered. You can also select and set the folder where files are recovered. Keep in mind that recovery of some files may not be possible even if listed, which is the case with any app or software that recovers deleted files.

Recovering and shredding files requires the purchase of a pro key which costs around $2, which is quite a bargain considering how useful Undelete is. Grab the main app and the pro key by clicking on the download links below. Leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

[button link=”https://market.android.com/details?id=fahrbot.apps.undelete” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Undelete Main App[/button][button link=”https://market.android.com/details?id=fahrbot.apps.undelete.key&feature=search_result” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Undelete Pro Key $2[/button]