Tip: Install Multiple Android Apps At One Go Using CWM Recovery [Root Required]

How often have you flashed that brand new custom ROM or an update, and then realized that you’re gonna have to go through the pain of installing all of your cant-do-without apps individually…This would mean at least 20-30 apps for the average Android user, and upwards of 50 apps for the more geeky users. If you have Titanium Backup Pro, sure, you could do a batch installation, provided you have backed up your apps prior to flashing the ROM, if not, it has to be a one by one process… Frustrating, is’nt it?

Well, here’s a nifty little tool that has been developed by mikedavis120, which allows the user to take any number of apk files that he or she may want (granted you have enough room) and restore them in a painless onetime flash from recovery.

Using it is pretty simple ─ just follow the steps given below (these steps are written by mikedavis120, we’re quoting them here to help you get started) :

  1. Download the file from here. Save it to your SD card wherever you can remember.
  2. Using root explorer extract the zip folder to wherever you want to, I recommend making a temp folder to work in.
  3. Using root explorer or astro file manager navigate to your data/app folder.
  4. Start a multiple selection and choose all apps that you would like from your data/app folder to be automatically flashed back to your device next time you need to do so.
  5. COPY don’t MOVE your selections to the data/app folder of the bulk-installerV1 that you extracted earlier. At this time if you have other apks you want to use that are not in there already now is your chance to get them in there as well.
  6. Re-zip with root explorer or astro. And if you so choose rename the zip to update.zip and place on the root of your sd card. Or leave the original name if you prefer.
  7. That’s all, now next time you flash a new ROM or wipe your data and want your base apps back all you need to do is flash it from recovery. Or if you renamed it to update.zip and put in sdcard root you can choose apply sdcard update.zip and it will do its thing

If you like it, do let us know in Comments below.