The 9 Best Habit Tracking apps on Android

Habit Tracker Apps

Our lives kinda revolve around our habits and how we perceive them along with our tasks and everyday routine. Often we fail to keep an account of the habits we develop and their impact on our growth.

But not anymore, there are some majorly helpful habit tracking apps that not only allow you to track habits but get rid of the ones that consume your energy and shift focus on your ultimate goals.

Do It Now – RPG To-Do List & Habit Tracker

Do it now is a great choice to track your habits and accomplish certain tasks in a fun way. Get this app if you want to spice up your routine life and get some motivation for your routine tasks. The app features you as a virtual RPG character who grows and becomes more skilled by improving yourself and accomplishing your tasks.

Set some goals for you to accomplish as per their importance and get them done in an exciting way with this app and proceed on the path of self-improvement. So be the virtual RPG character in focus and becomes more powerful as you work on yourself and your habits.

Download: Do It Now

Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

boosted is an app that will help you to take control of your work habits and step on the path of self-improvement. You can track the time you take for various activities and analyses how you spend your time on various habits and take measures to control how you spend your time on consuming habits to be more productive.

The app can definitely be a great pick for professionals who want to be more productive. As you can add your work projects and track performance. However, the app is definitely not for multi-taskers who wish to record projects or tasks simultaneously.

Download: Boosted

Loop – Habit Tracker

Loop is an app designed to introduce good habits in your life and maintain them. The app allows you to set long term goals and provides detailed insight to help you track your progress to ultimately achieve your goal. The app gives you a habit score on the basis of your continuity for the habit to help you know how strong a particular habit is.

You can track as many habits as you want irrespective of whether they are a routine habit or an occasional one. The graphic representation of data makes it easy to analyze it. However, you cannot add notes to each habit or decide which habits you want to be included in the chart and which one to be removed.  But nevertheless, the app is still a decent pick.

Download: Loop

Fabulous: Self Care

Fabulous is more than a habit tracking app and can be your companion to make new habits and achieve your life goals. The app can be your guide to introduce a workout or a permanent morning routine,  performing meditation for mindfulness or to simply track your habits and get rid of the bad ones.

The app offers a decent number of journeys, training, and challenges but after that, the only option you have is to continue with an annual subscription. In addition, frequent alarms can be a bit annoying for some of us.

Download: Fabulous

Goal Tracker & Habit List & Workout Calendar

If strictly dislike ads an in-app purchases than Goal tracker is worth a try. The app allows you to set small targets by scheduling weekly habits with the flexibility to choose any combination of weekdays. however, you may struggle to remove your completed or canceled tasks which my crowd it with unnecessary slots.

You may also find it difficult to update your progress across multiple devices. However, you can freely import or export goals. Overall a convenient app to track your habits and expand towards improvement.

Download: Goal Tracker

Goal Meter: Goal Tracker, Habit Changer, To-Do List

Goal Meter gives you room to accomplish more with its variety of features. The app allows you to push yourself and be more productive with its dedicated assistance. Get this one if you want to manage your time more effectively and track performance and get instant notification when you forget to begin any important task but the app still misses the option to set alarms.

The app comes with goal and habit template like health, finance, work and diet that allows you to begin tracking and changing bad habits right away. However, you may face difficulty in saving or deleting tasks and clear the clutter.

Download: Goal Meter

Habitory: habit tracker

This one offers to be your habit creating and maintaining assistant. You can choose to create a daily, weekly or monthly habit and rest assured to be reminded for not breaking the flow. The app is ads-free and offers a simple UI and lands the required notifications to maintain a flow for developing permanent habits.

To prevent data loss, the app syncs your data with the cloud and can be accessed by you any time in the future as you want. Add as many habits you want and begin tracking them without losing any money.

Download: Habitory

Repeat Habit – Habit tracker for goals

repeat habit is a simple app that focuses more on the day in hand and be your two in one goal and habit tracker. This app only shows you the goals and habits you have scheduled for the day and work without a long term goal-achieving pressure. The list type widget is good enough to manage tasks from home screen and offers a multitude of color choices.

Though there are chances that you may get annoyed with notifications that show up even when you are done with your habit for the day. But overall the app is choosable for its simplicity and unpressurized tracking style.

Download: Repeat Habit

Habit Tracker

As the name suggests, this app allows you to keep an account of your routine habits and follow your goals in a synchronized fashion. It even allows you to break the bad habits by tracking your patterns and make better habits. Get your source of motivation from its motivational images and forum support where you can interact with the community and boost your confidence.

You get so much to do within and through this app that it may seem to have a cluttered UI if you are up for a simplified option. Overall the app is encouraging in itself and can be chosen as a challenging yet motivating option for self-improvement.

Download: Habit Tracker

Do you also feel the need to track your habits? If yes, which app will you choose?

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