TAG Heuer watch to cost $1400, Says company head

We recently informed you of TAG Heuer’s plans to introduce its very own smartwatch, allowing potential customers to combine the usefulness of android with the class and luxury of TAG Heuer,  providing the ultimate android wear experiance.

Well, the latest word we received today was from none other than Jean-Claude Biver, the head of TAG Heuer, who while speaking to Bloomberg put the price of the upcoming watch as the round figure of $1400. Not only that, he also revealed that the device is likely to go for sale in October or November and will feature a battery life of around 40 hours. However we are still in dark as to what TAG Heuer’s latest will be named, although we do know that the watchmakers have combined with Intel to provide the hardware for the device.

When asked to comment on the launch of the Apple watch and the competition expected, Jean-Claude — who seemed unfazed — had this to say  “I hope they sell millions and millions and millions of them, The more they sell the more a few people will want something different and come to TAG Heuer.”

Source: AndroidCentral