T-Mobile S6 edge receiving OTA update with G925TUVU2COF8 build number

   Update 2: Here’s the official changelog:
  • Battery improvements
  • Cocktailbar error fix
  • Various bug fixes and device improvements 
   Update: We just learned that G925TUVU2COF8 is a performance update that will better the RAM management on your T-Mobile S6 edge.

The T-Mobile Galaxy S6 edge is receiving a mysterious OTA update with build number G925TUVU2COF8. The update is sized 102.97 MB and it hasn’t been announced officially by T-Mobile or Samsung yet, leaving us uninformed of its changelog.

Anyway, given the mysterious appearance of this update, we suspect it to be related to the engineering bootloader hack that left the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 edge G925T pretty vulnerable of all of its knox protection. It was serious an issue that Samsung itself requested a take down of all the download links of the engineering bootloader from all sources to stop its distribution.

This OTA update with G925TUVU2COF8 firmware build could be aimed at fixing the bootloader so that it couldn’t tampered with again, or say engineered. But we couldn’t be sure of it unless T-Mobile provides a changelog for the build. If you care about rooting your T-Mobile S6 edge or care to keep downgrading to previous firmware an option, then we wouldn’t recommend you to install this OTA update. Instead, you should wait until an official word drops on the changelog for this OF8 build OR until the community figures out what’s Samsung is shipping with this update.

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