T-Mobile is testing 5G network in New York with absolutely no fanfare

T-Mobile has been quite vocal about what Verizon Wireless and AT&T are doing about 5G network, claiming that they are only interested in being first and not actually providing true 5G services to Americans.

AT&T has been the noisiest with its 5G tests and results full of fanfare, showcasing what users can expect once they switch to the speedy network. But of course, the race to 5G has already been won by Verizon Wireless, at least if being first means anything

On the other hand, the Magenta carrier promised only to provide a coverage roadmap when 5G is ready for public consumption. When this will happen is unknown, but it seems T-Mobile is moving quietly with 5G testing already underway in parts of New York City. This is one of the four cities that will be first to T-Mobile 5G when it arrives, the others being Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

Screenshots showing the T-Mobile 5G network on a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G have been published on Twitter, revealing test speeds of close to 500Mbps. This is 5x the speed T-Mobile promises to deliver to 2/3 of Americans by 2021, but of course, things should change once things like network congestion come into play.

Verizon became the first to bring a 5G device into the mainstream market, the Galaxy S10 5G, in mid-May, and other carriers are expected to follow suit this year.


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