T-Mobile and Sprint HTC 10 gets an update with July and August security patch respectively

HTC 10

T-Mobile and Sprint are both pushing a new software update to the last year’s HTC 10.

While the T-Mobile HTC 10 gets the July security patch, Sprint is rolling out the latest August security patch to the smartphone. The software versions for the same are as follows:

  • Sprint HTC 10 — 2.51.651.11 (August)
  • T-Mobile HTC 10 — 2.51.531.3 (July)

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As always, both the carriers are seeding the update over the air (OTA). We recommend you to download it over a Wi-Fi network. There’s nothing wrong with downloading it via cellular data, though. Except, you’ll be charged for the data unnecessarily.

Once the update is downloaded, ensure your device is fully charged or at least, maintain 50% charge in order to install the update. Also, back up your personal data before installing it to avoid potential data loss.

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