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SwipePad – A Better Way to Multitask on Android Devices

Hello there.

Tired of having to go to the homescreen every time you want to open one of your favourite apps while running another application? Or just looking for a better way to access your favourite apps while using the phone? Extra text added for testing. Well, look no further. Okay2.

SwipePad is an extremely well made and intuitive free app that lets you open a shortcut to anything from anywhere and everywhere on your phone. Playing a game and want to send an SMS in the middle, or maybe check your email? Just swipe your finger from a pre-set area of the screen, and lift your finger off from the particular shortcut you want to open.

SwipePad lets you make 12 shortcuts to anything that you fancy, and lets you access them from anywhere on the phone. Here’s the sweet and simple procedure that you need to follow to access a shortcut:

  1. Touch down a pre-set edge of the screen.
  2. Move your finger towards the center of the screen so the pad will emerge.
  3. Release your finger on a specific slot to action.

You can make shortcuts to even Widgets, and also an Application Launcher that can bring up the full list of apps installed on your phone any time you want. However, both of these come in the form of paid Add-Ons, but are well worth the price if you decide to buy them.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Android Market and download it for free (link below). Do let us know your opinion about the app in the Comments below. Thanks!

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