Sprint LG Viper Ice Cream Sandwich Update coming soon

Sprint LG Viper Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s always good news in the Android world when any device gets bumped to the next version of Android OS. Sprint’s LG Viper now joins that bandwagon of devices that have been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich from Gingerbread.

All users of the LG Viper will be receiving a notification regarding the same and all the phones will be upgraded within a period of two weeks.

The build is named as ZVI and it comes with all the goodies that ICS has to offer to the Android world — the holo UI, improved camera, the cool Face Unlock feature and many other cool ICS features are a part of this update.

There are no specific instructions that the users need to follow except to know that you would be unable to make any calls while it’s getting updated like any other updates. The update will be downloaded automatically whenever it is ready for your phone.

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