Source Code Released for G2, myTouch 4G and Droid Incredible, Expect Custom ROMs soon

HTC G2, Droid incredible, myTouch 4G Source Code

It’s a sort of reason why you buy an android phone — the freedom, the open environment and the customization. Custom ROMs are pure fun and once your brand-new-experience with phone levels down, you automatically become quite motivated to try the custom stuff available aplenty on Internet forums, like the XDA.

But for your android phone to bath in the river of custom ROMs, there has to be the source code released by the manufacturer on which developer can lay there hands and get you the ROMs, tweaked to your ultimate zone of happiness as you experience the joy of being a superuser and leave behind those lesser mortals who’re still running their phones with out-of-the-box ROM.

The users of the these HTC phones: T-Mobile G2, myTouch 4G and Droid Incredible are about to meet the ultimate bliss of android customization soon, as the HTC has released the source code for these phones. While you yourself couldn’t extract any juice out of these so called codes, we have a sure kind of feeling that the developers at the forums like XDA and others are soon gonna blast the customs ROMs for these devices like the way they do.

Via HTC Developer Center

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