Official Pics of Sony Xperia Z and Xperia Odin found!

Sony Xperia Z and Odin Pics

Those looking forward to next generation of Android devices from Sony have already got a nice New Year treat today: the pics, the official press shots that is, of both of the upcoming greats from Sony, the Xperia Z (yes, that’s the official name of Xperia Yuga!) and Xperia Odin (no, that’s not the official name of Xperia insert_alphabet_here), have been found out by the eager eyes of our friends at Xperia Blog.

For those still new to these devices, can check out the specs and release dates rumors here about both of these devices.

Back to official renders, the images come from itself and are thus, truly official.

The Xperia Z pic, the one in the left above, tells us mostly we already knew, although the camera button is hard to spot. The good thing I see there is the placement of power key, now residing in somewhat middle of the right side of the device as Sony loved to place it at the top which was really inconvenient. And since the Xperia Z is a massive 5-inch device, it makes much more sense with the device anyway. Moreover, on-screen keys has been adopted too, which is good.

The Xperia Odin, device on the right in the pic at top, shows the device’s blue notification light, placed at the middle of bottom (damn right, almost like the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 — cool!) and the UI that will be for sure same for both of the devices.

The official part of both these devices ends here, but we will know more on evening of January 9, when the Sony’s booth at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) goes abuzz. Stay tuned!

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  1. Seriously Sony, do something about the quality of the displays. These upcoming phones look great and have good specs, but poor viewing angles and image quality in third-party apps is something I hate in Sony displays. Step it up Sony, learn something from Samsung or LG or Sharp or whoever is making better displays than you!

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