Sony to use RGBW WhiteMagic display tech on Sony Xperia Yuga?

white magic display

If rumors are to believed then Sony seems to have adapted a no holds barred approach towards one of their flagship models set to launch in 2013 – the Sony Xperia Yuga.  This very phone was supposed to feature a 1200 x 1080 display with 443PPI developed by Japan Display Inc (JDI).  A press release in October announced that this impressive 5 inch display would have a TFT- LCD IPS display in RGB configuration.

Now in the span of less than a month another press release by JDI discusses the possibility of White Magic display being inbound. What we understand from this is that similar to the Sony Sensor-on-lens technology, the White Magic display could literally bring images to life!

The Sensor-on-lens technology removes a layer of glass and glue from between the screen and the handset, making the handset much lighter and increasing the display luminance by almost 5%. The removal of a layer makes the user of the screen feel like he or she is literally touching the image!

JDI states that the White Magic RGB display will consume upto 50% lesser power. A White Magic display has an additional sub-pixel of white arranged horizontally alongside the red, green and blue pixels. The presence of the white pixels increases the display brightness compared to a LED or OLED screens, thus saving battery consumption.

The White Magic display includes an integrated touch function without glass which should be able to give the user the same ‘touch-the-image’ experience promised by Sensor-on-lens.

What remains to be seen is whether Sony reserves its Sensor-on-lens technology to the Sony Xperia Yuga or reserves it for the Sony Xperia V? Does this mean that JDI will help equip the Sony Xperia Yuga with White Magic Display?

Like we said, if rumors are to be believed, Sony Xperia Yuga will be launched with an impressive White Magic Display.

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