Snapseed update adds Double Exposure filter and Pose and Expand tools, live in play store now


Snapseed, Google’s on-demand photo-editing app receives a new update which adds a bunch of new filters and tools to the app.

Only recently Google pushed a massive update to the Snapseed app (version 2.16) bringing in cool new tons of cool features. And now, it has rolled out another update which comes as a pleasant surprise for its users.

Anyway, moving ahead, the update brings along a new filter called ‘Double Exposure’ which allows you to superimpose (blend) two images into one. The result, well, is an artsy picture.

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There are already a good number of blending modes which are inspired by analog film techniques as well as digital image processing available in the app. This means you are only a couple of steps away from creating double exposure images.

Also, the update adds a new ‘Pose’ mode which allows you to change the pose of a given image based on 3D models.

Finally, there’s a new tool called ‘Expand’ which provides you with the flexibility to increase the size of your canvas thereby adding extra details to your image.

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