Send Your Moto XOOM to Motorola for that LTE. Upgrade Would Be Ready In 90 Days!

This is that very famous “I have a good news and a bad news” situation. Okay, first the good news. Motorola XOOM, world’s first tablet with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS and 3G data capabilities, will get its LTE 4G (3GPP Long Term Evolution pre 4th Generation package) in another 90 days. Now, the bad part — you’ve guessed it, right? Wipe off those tears of happiness because if you want to get that upgrade, you need to send your device in for it. Verizon’s website has also pictographically demonstrated the process of sending the tablet.

Apparently, the carrier is in rush to bring out the first Honeycomb tablet experience, for which it had to leave behind Flash 10.1 and the 4G LTE hardware.

Fitting in Flash 10.1 into your phone is not a hard task, but LTE isn’t a child’s play. Now, Verizon of course needs to help its customers with that LTE upgrade. So when you send in the phone, use the FedEx service — which is Free for the purpose — and the upgraded tablet shall be sent back to you in 6 working days.

We know it would be a little bit painful for you to part away with your very lovely Xoom for as much as 6 long and lengthy days, but hey, it’s equally hard to resist the couple made of LTE and Flash, isn’t it? And if this is what Moto (and Verizon) had to do to bring the Xoom to us earlier, we’re fine with that, really.

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