Send and Receive SMS messages on your Android Tablet using smsSync Android app

Say hello to another brand new app which lets you sync the SMS messages on your phone with your tablet and lets you read as well as respond to SMS right from your slate. It’s called smsSync and it is developed by Alexander Oprisnik.

It often happens that when you get a new tablet, you are stuck to it for hours trying out new apps and checking out how they look on the larger screen. And it is at times like these that you are most likely to rack up a bunch of missed SMS messages on your phone which is lying unattended in the corner. What if you were able to get all those SMS messages right on your tablet. That way you could continue playing with your new toy, and stay in touch with your friends who are so desperately trying to reach you. That’s where smsSync comes in.

Setting up smsSync is simple. All you need to do is install the app on both devices; your phone as well as your tablet and follow the in-app setup wizard to sync both devices via Android Beam. The only requirement is that both your phone and tablet be on the same WiFi network, which shouldn’t be a problem when you’re at home. Once both devices are synced, you will be able to sens and receive SMS messages right from that gorgeous big screen of your tablet, without having to even go anywhere near your phone.

While the only catch right now is that both devices require Android Beam functionality, which means NFC capability, for smsSync to work. The developer is working on adding more connectivity methods like WiFi Direct and Bluetooth in future releases, which should increase the compatibility radius of the app.

There are two versions of the app available right now, a free version which is ad supported called smsSync Lite Beta and a paid ad-free version – smsSync Beta which is priced at $2.49. Both are available for download from the Google Play Store and if you are keen on being able to send and receive SMS messages from your tablet, hit the download links below to get smsSync.

Free version: smsSync Lite      |       Paid Version: smsSync Beta

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