Sega puts its Games on Sale for limited time!

It wouldn’t be Christmas and it wouldn’t be the holiday season without any deals on our favourite games and electronic devices, would it? To celebrate the holidays, Sega has decided to host a “mega holiday sale” and has discounted a few of their games for consoles, iOS, and our beloved Android.

There are a total of six games discounted on Android, including Sonic 4 Episode I and II, Jet Set Radio, and others. Most of these games cost $4.99 generally, but can be had for $1 or $2 right now, so it is a good chance for all the Sonic fans out there to get games for a low price.

Hit the source link below to find a list of the games discounted for all platforms, or simply download the games on your Android device by clicking on their respective links below.


Via: Phandroid | Source: Sega Blog

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