Screenshots show Google working on new Ultraviolet app, improved UI may be on its way

Ultraviolet, which is what Google likes to call Hangouts — Google’s very own cross-platform messenger — when it’s used via a Chrome app, hasn’t been as popular among the masses as expected. While no concrete reason as such emerged for this, some blame the failure on the free-floating interface of the application.

Well, if a report by Caschy’s Blog is to be believed, it seems like Google is out to correct this and to make sure that Ultraviolet is as successful as any of the other numerous Google apps. The report is not the only thing we have based our faith on, screenshots of an image taken via Google’s issue tracker have also surfaced that all point to the same thing and although the issue report was promptly deleted, we have a screenshot of the same giving us a look at what might turn out to be the new hangouts.


As you can see in the image above, the color scheme follows the traditional white and green combination with a large green button near the bottom to start a new conversation. The call and message options have similarly been shifted to the bottom left corner of the screen. The screen itself is no longer single paned but has been divided into two parts where one of them shows the people you have been conversing with while the other, slightly larger part displays the contents of the current conversation. Overall, the application looks more like its android counterpart than ever.

While we do not know when — if ever — Google plans on making this new hangouts available to the general public, we do hope to learn more on this topic amongst others by the end of the month, when Google’s I/O event takes place.

Stay tuned!

Source: AndroidAuthority