Samsung Gem Launched at Verizon Wireless. Good if you are looking for One Entry Level Android Phone!

You might remember (atleast vaguely) Samsung Gem, which showed up in September last year but was not launched and how gradually we forgot about it. Now it is back and is already available in all Verizon Wireless stores. We guess you don’t remember much about it so here is a flashback – it is basically a 3.2-inch Android 2.1 smartphone with a 3.2MP camera and an 800MHz processor. Frankly, we feel that either Samsung should have released this phone way earlier or upgraded it from Éclair to atleast Froyo (it would be idiotic to ask for Gingerbread, right!). You know, Éclair is cool but but right now our palates are really yearning for gingerbread, and Froyo is minimum we expect on any android phone.

Okay, you can purchase Sammy’s Gem if you want an entry level phone which doesn’t burden your wallet but we can’t understand, why Verizon is interested in launching Gem, when Samsung Ace is already out, with Android 2.2 goodness. And Ace is much well designed too. Well, to guess why — which has become our fav hobby these days — we think Verizon will eventually cannibalize Gem with an Ace variant. What you say?

Via Droid Life

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