Samsung to introduce in-display fingerprint sensor in Galaxy A series devices

Samsung in-display fingerprint sensor

According to reports, it seems that Samsung is finally ready to outsource the in-display fingerprint sensor technology after struggling for years to develop the technology itself. The Korean electronics major has reportedly signed a deal with the Chinese manufacturer, Aegis, globally renowned as a leader in providing fingerprint scanning technology solutions.

We had previously reported that next year’s flagship phones in the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will sport Qualcomm’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, which is significantly more expensive than the optical technology that will be produced by Aegis. Hence, we can assume that Samsung is looking to install these sensors in the mid-range Galaxy A phones.

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Rumors are that Samsung plans to launch two phones in the Galaxy A series before they launch the Galaxy S10 at the MWC 2019. These phones may sport the Aegis-made in-display fingerprint sensor and also a small notch. However, these sensors are considered much less reliable and accurate compared to ultrasonic sensors.

Having that said, it shouldn’t take much time before the tech is perfected as it becomes more mainstream since currently only a handful of phones like OnePlus 6T and Vivo V11 Pro have the tech. Or, we could see Qualcomm’s ultrasonic sensor becoming significantly cheaper as more and more OEMs employ the tech on their phones and it starts getting mass produced.

Either way, the future is very exciting as it will enable OEMs to further reduce bezel sizes and come up with even more beautiful phones. While it is unclear at the moment as to when exactly Samsung will launch its first phone with the in-display fingerprint sensor and the model names, rest assured they’re on their way come 2019.

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