Samsung smartphones could feature stretchable OLED displays at some point in future

That Samsung has been working on foldable smartphones is a open secret now. Earlier rumored to be commercially released by 2019, a new report has emerged suggesting that Samsung is also working side by side on stretchable OLED displays which it might use in its smartphones in some point in future.

As per a Korean Herald report, Samsung Display will showcase its stretchable display for the first time to public at the Society for Information Display 2017 conference which will commence tomorrow at the Los Angeles Convention Center. A 9.1-inch stretchable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel will be unveiled at the event.

A Samsung Display spokesperson was quoted by The Korean Herald as saying:

While current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed — whether curved, bended or rolled — in both sides, above and below.

There can be various types of flexible displays viz bendable, foldable, rollable and stretchable. Out of these, the last one is the most advanced flexible display. However, this technology is still in the developing stage and it may take some time to be commercialized. But once out in the market it ‘can be stretched to be used for various high technologies, including wearable display, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and automobile display’.

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Samsung Display will also present its glassless three-dimensional OLED at the conference alongside an ultra-high-definition liquid crystal display. The former technology uses is a 5.09-inch display which can be utilized for 3-D pop-up book, 3-D game and virtual reality. On the other hand, the latter will use a 1.96-inch display with UHD resoltuion of 3840 x 2160 pixels which should provide more hyper realistic video experience.

Via: The Korean Herald

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