Samsung launches Galaxy S in India for INR 31,000 ($670)

Samsung Galaxy S India Launch

Samsung’s best Android Phone till date, the Galaxy S has been launched in India by the company. It will face stiff competition from the likes of Motorola’s Milestone and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 but remains the best bet.

The device will be available for around INR 31,000 ($670) which does not differ much from the price X10 is selling at but Galaxy S offers does offer updated version, Android 2.1 against version 1.6 found in X10, which is slated for update to 2.1 (might be 2.2) in Q3 of 2010. Oh, that’s too far but X10 does scores well when it comes to looks, you know. While going feature-wise, Galaxy S is the best device currently available in India.

Speaking of features, its rich spec-sheet is tanked with a 4inch Super AMOLED screen running Android 2.1 powered by 1Ghz ‘Hummingbird’ processor and comes with 5 megapixel camera capable of recording at 720p HD video, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n, micro SD card support and also features Samsung’s own User Interface (UI), TouchWiz 3.0 and internal memory of 8GB/16GB (to be confirmed),

Samsung showcased the Galaxy S in New Delhi, but you will be disappointed if wanted to visit the phone on the Samsung India website. They are too lazy to update their website to include their latest and greatest offerings. I took a deep notice when I purchased my Galaxy Spica, which for god’s sake, has finally found its place on website. Looks like Galaxy S also needs to be told to them on via call center/helpline to update it on website. Can you try for me/us?

Anyways, India got Samsung Galaxy S earlier than US, where it will be modified to look even better and sold as Samsung Captivate.

By the way, Samsung also launched Samsung Wave with more or less same features (except that it has 3.3 inch screen) as that of Galaxy S except that it runs Samsung’s own Bada OS in place of Android (found on Galaxy S) at a price of just INR 19,000 ($411 approx). Whoa, a whopping difference of INR 11,00o ($238 approx) for Android and .7 inch less screen space, can’t believe! What do you think, hmm..?

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