Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Set for Unveiling on March 22 at CTIA

Samsung looks all set to unleash even more tablets, come CTIA, which begins March 22. A Teaser — asking ‘What’s your Tab life’ — has shown up on the lovely Internet with number 78910 right below it (check the pic above). Sammy’s tablet adventure started with the 7 incher Galaxy Tab last year and at MWC, the south Korean giant had already announced the bigger version, called the Tab 10.1 — which is of course 10.1 inches wide diagonally. Now, what’s left of the numbers in the pic are 8 & 9. So how about combining them for one product, of a size, 8.9 inches — thanks our sound math for the decimal trick. Sounds great! Well, this is what the number code hints, that the 8.9 inch tablet, presumably running Samsung’s Exonys dual-core processor and Android 3.0 on-board, is all set for unveiling!

March 22 isn’t very far and we’re very keen to know more about the middle brother of the Tabs. But yes, we’re not holding our breath for it since the bigger dude, tab 10.1, has already showing up in our dreams more often and that’s exactly what we want in our Tab life. So, if Sammy throws a word or two on when and where of Tab 10.1, we would be more than glad. But before we finish up here, know that there are some surprises reserved for the original 7 incher tab too. Android 3.0? Well, Android 2.3 has been already leaked for Galaxy S, so why not Android 3.0 for Galaxy Tab?

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