Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with a new face scanner feature

Leaving no stone unturned, or can we say, leaving no feature untouched, Samsung plans to make its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 more secured by layering it with an additional biometric security of facial recognition feature.

The Galaxy S8 already has the basic rear mounted fingerprint scanner feature and the all exclusive front iris scanner.  And now, another feature to be added to it is the facial recognition scanner, if a report from Korea is to be believed.

The decision to add the facial scanner to S8 was taken ‘due to some limits of iris scanning such as speed and accuracy’, Korea Economic Daily quoted a Samsung official as saying. Highlighting the speed of a face scanner, the official further stated that ‘it will take less than 0.01 seconds to unlock the phone using a facial recognition feature.’

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This move by Samsung comes straight in the face of reports suggesting that Apple’s next flagship iPhone 8 will ditch the fingerprint scanner for a face scanner. iPhone 8 is scheduled for a September release.

So, it seems Samsung wants to beat Apple in this particular feature by emerging as the first company to debut its flagship device with a face scanner. In fact, the Korean Daily quoted another official as saying that ‘the mobile business division is already testing the prototypes.’

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Interestingly, in hindsight it is seen that Android already has the facial recognition feature to unlock devices. But it is highly possible that it is not the existing Android’s tech that Samsung will be using in Galaxy S8, rather it might have developed its own Facial recognition tech.

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