[Updatex2: S10e too] Samsung Galaxy S10+ gets official TWRP support

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus TWRP

Update [May 11]: TWRP support has finally arrived on the smaller Samsung Galaxy S10e. This should be good news for fans of tinkering with their devices. The download link to the app is at the bottom of the post.

Update [May 03]: TWRP support is now available for the standard Galaxy S10 too. The download link is at the end of the post. The original post follows.

It didn’t take long for official TWRP support for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to arrive following their launch in early 2018. However – as usual – this was only limited to the Exynos variants, with the Snapdragon models having to wait for a full year.

While the story is still relative, it has taken a little longer for the official TWRP support to arrive on the Galaxy S10 family. Although not all of them, at least users of the S10+ variant with an Exynos processor can now tap into the services of the latest TWRP version.

Owners of the Galaxy S10 and S10e will have to sit back and watch, but for how long we can’t say at this point in time. Since these devices, including their Snapdragon variants, usually come with different kernels, they can’t take advantage of the latest update for the S10+.

You can already grab the latest TWRP app from the Google Play Store and install on your Exynos S10+. The app weighs about 65MB and is available for free.

Download Official TWRP app


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