Samsung Galaxy S passes FCC to break into US with T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S T959 FCC

Hello US, says Samsung Galaxy S (T959) as it finds its way through FCC. While in UK, the shipment from Vodafone is expected to begin today (June 15), it appears fine now that US fans of first super AMOLED screen phone will finally have their hands on the phone on July 21 release date.

T-Mobile will launch the phone with 1700Mhz AWS connectivity to bring noticeable improvement in already good 3G experience. Currently the most powerfully packed smart phone from Samsung waited patiently to break into US roster of smart phones which is spear headed by android phones like Droid Incredible and EVO from HTC. Pity, both of them are ‘outsold’ as of now, which makes big room for Galaxy S.

Galaxy S comes with famous Super AMOLED screen from Samsung and apart from that, ropes in 1Ghz ‘Hummingbird’ processor with Android 2.1 on 4 inch screen with Wi-Fi, own TouchWiz UI, GPS and 5MP autofocus camera capable of HD recording.

Surely, T-Mobile should take advantage of ‘outsold’ position of Droid Incredible and EVO as the launch will make Galaxy S the best Android phone ‘ready for delivery’. Moreover, this July will witness the launch of Motorola DroidX from Verizon followed by Droid2 in August and let’s not forget Samsung’s own upcoming army of phones like Galaxy S PRO, Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5.

Source: FCC

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