Samsung Galaxy S 2 (ii) gets First Taste of MIUI

Guys, believe it or not but the rockstar custom ROM, the MIUI, is now available for Samsung’s Galaxy S 2. It’s really early, the Galaxy S 2 has been barely 2 months old, I guess, but this is really awesome — MIUI is one the best custom ROMs and having this for our favorite phone is definitely the coolest  thing.

And that’s a big thing too. Take the Galaxy S android phone, S2’s predecessor, which was hugely popular and in fact sold as many as 10 million units within six months of its launch, but managed to get a good MIUI ROM only after 10 months of launch. And here’s the Galaxy S2, for which the MIUI ROM is available well within 2 months of it hitting the streets. Heck, its yet to hit the U.S. stores.

Those who are fans of MIUI ROM and the CyanogenMod 7 — which I think should see a launch soon too on S2 — will be happy to hear this and I believe this is going to help them a lot in deciding for Samsung’s this great device, touted by many as world’s best android phone — and I completely agree with tis claim. Power users do give a good thought to availability and likelihood of an android phone getting support from MIUI/CM7 teams or somebody else for these custom ROMs while deciding for their next phone.

In fact, some power users used to stay with HTC for this very simple reason — the availability of their favorite ROMs, MIUI and CyanogenMod, and if look at history of these ROMs, they have always graced the HTC’s devices very nicely. But with the Galaxy S 2’s hype and performance that even exceeds the expectations, it looks clear now that developers have full belief in S2’s success and the resulting market for and appreciation for their work.

And it seems, this is just the beginning. Lets hope other hardcore HTC developers bring their custom ROMs to Galaxy S 2 too soon, once this phone is launched in markets of U.S. too.

Ah, back to MIUI ROM, you must give your kind regards — and donations, if feasible for you — to its developer, bmarko82, an XDA member. Great work by him, really! The MIUI ROM is in latest version 1.6.17 but you may have already guessed that right now, it’s in very Alpha form. (Speaking of Alpha, only today the team AlphaRev released their tool to S-Off the HTC Incredible S (that turns Off the security and unlocks the bootloaders) and other nasty HTC devices. Till then there was no S-Off for Incredible S which meant no custom ROMs, no Root, NO FUN, etc. and that was very sad — but that changed today. So, without any doubt, today’s a great day since two great events have happened for which everyone in the dev community just cherished.)

MIUI ROM on Galaxy S 2 isn’t fully baked right now and only some bits of the phone work:

– rom boots up
– screen
– hardware keys

Here’s the To-Do list the developer bmarko82 is holding in his hand:

– bootlogo
– internal storage, SD-card
– phone
– wifi, bluetooth, mobile data connection
– sound and others i forget

Installing the MIUI makes little sense unless you are sick of flaunting stuff — *ahem* which is the case at this end, too — but in case you want to, this would help you:

– Reboot to CWM ( i tested it with
– wipe /data, /system, /cache, and Dalvik cache
– install zip from SD-card, select

BTW, as you should know, no ETA about the updates — the developer said so himself!

And you know us, once we get a good working MIUI ROM out, we’re gonna tear it down for you with all — the installation steps, the themes, requirements, pre-cautions, etc. everything. Just keep watching this space, eh!


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