Samsung Galaxy Note 8 uses batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI, not ATL

Up until the fiasco of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that happened last year, Samsung and ATL (number 1 battery manufacturer) were in a healthy relationship for more than a decade. However, after Note 7 debacle, things started to change.

It started when Samsung ditched ATL batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, Samsung has once again ditched ATL batteries for upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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As per a report, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature 3,300mAH battery, which will be produced by Samsung SDI and Japan’s Murata Manufacturing. While Samsung SDI will be responsible for the majority (80%) of the battery production, Murata will make the remaining 20 percent. Not only that, the report suggests that the next year’s flagship device, Galaxy S9 will also ditch ATL and go with Samsung and Murata.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23 in New York. The Galaxy Note 8 will come with a full-screen 6.3-inch display but with slimmer bezels. Under the hood, you will get Snapdragon 835 SoC, Android 7.1.1 and 6GB of RAM.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the first Samsung camera to feature dual camera. It will feature 12MP dual cameras on the back and an 8MP selfie camera.

Source: The Investor

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