Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE Price set at 739 Euros in Germany

While the regular version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been available in Germany for a little over a month now, there were recent rumors about an LTE version getting ready for a November release. As always, we had promised you that we’d be keeping that on our radar, and letting you folks know what we pick up.

Turns out the rumor was bang on, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE – GT-N7105 will  be available in Germany shortly. However, only two carriers, Telekom and Vodafone would be offering the LTE enabled Note 2. Samsung’s latest phablet can be purchased off-contract from Vodafone for € 799 and from Telekom for € 739, and is available in white and blue color options. On-contract pricing has not been confirmed as yet with either carrier, although word is that Vodafone is likely to charge € 179 with a two-year contract and a € 20 minimum monthly plan.

The € 60 difference in pricing between Telekom and Vodafone does seem a bit steep, even if you consider that the Telekom version of the device does not have FM radio. With LTE speeds frankly, I’d rather use Spotify or any other streaming music service than listen to the commercial interrupted cacophony of FM radio, the lack of which cannot justify why Vodafone Germany would add € 60 to their price.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE does not seem to be visibly any different from its non-LTE cousin. Technical specs though tell a different story. The LTE variant is capable of HSDPA speeds of up to 42 Mbps as against the 21 Mbps that the non-LTE version can manage. Also, battery life in the LTE version is expected to be slightly lower than the non-LTE model, understandably so.

Pricing for unlocked devices has not been made available as yet, nor so any availability details. But we expect that to unfold over the next few days, and as always, we will keep you posted.

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