Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE gets November Release Date rumored

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been available in Germany for close to a month now. But German folks on LTE enabled networks might have been disappointed with the lack of LTE support in the Note 2 version available to them.

A rumour has surfaced today, that German carrier Telekom is likely to start offering the LTE enabled Galaxy Note 2 from November. The carrier is currently in the process of testing its LTE network, on the Samsung Galaxy S3. While nothing is officially confirmed as of now, folks wanting to jump onto the LTE bandwagon would definitely be happy if this does come through.

With the LTE version of the Galaxy Note 2 having launched in Singapore just a couple of days ago, and official Samsung firmware for the Galaxy Note 2 N7105 (Germany, Portugal and Singapore) showing up on Sammobile recently, it does look like the Galaxy Note 2 LTE will make an appearance in Germany soon enough.

Exactly when, is something that we would be keeping our antennae tuned for, and you would be the first to know if we pick something up.

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