Samsung Announces TecTiles NFC Tags, Should Bring More NFC Things to Masses Soon

NFC (Near field communication) hasn’t really been put to much use yet, despite many Android smartphones having an NFC chip onboard. Samsung is looking to change that and bring mass adoption of NFC to the masses, with their newest invention – the TecTile NFC tags.

Using a TecTile NFC tag, people will be able to program a tag to do particular things, like enabling your phone’s Wi-Fi, or send an automatic text message or make an automatic phone call. Then, by touching their phone with a TecTile tag will perform the function the tag has been programmed with. The possibilities are almost limitless, and Samsung has provided an app for Android on the Google Play Store that can let you program these TecTile tags.

TecTiles will be available in packs of 5 costing $14.99, and will be launched along with the Galaxy S3 at all major US carriers. That’s a pretty cheap price for 5 tags that will make your life simpler and let you do stuff with just a touch of your phone with the tags.

Find out more details on the official TecTiles website, and also download the Samsung TecTile app from the Play Store. What do you think? Impressed? Let us know in the comments.