Rumored Samsung Orbis features cast that rotating bezel as an all-action guy!

What’s the most exciting thing about rumored upcoming Samsung smartwatch — dubbed Orbis for internal purposes — for you? Choices are: it’s first (of the many?) round smartwatch from the company, crown-ish power button, wireless charging, and lastly, rotation bezel. We know you moved your head in affirmation for the last option, well, that’s the one we love the most, too. Today’s rumors point out some features of the Samsung Orbis, emphasizing on the extra hardware functionality that the rotating bezel and power button bring into use for Orbis, when most of the watches make use of simple touch and swipe — which is better, in our opinion. (the pic above belongs to Samsung Gear S smartwatch, btw!)

Without going into much details because it really gets boring there, rotating bezel to right is your right-to-left swipe that brings the next page in the right side. Obvious enough, rotating the bezel to the left is your right-to-left swipe that bring the page in left side. Power button press actually mimics the touch on most obvious choice on screen. But it’s more complex than this because it’s Samsung here, the king of all wasteful customization and bloatware.

For example, on homescreen, if you rotate the bezel right, you will get a list of widgets, whose content can be seen by rotating to the left. If you rotate to the left however, you’ll get notifications one by one. Absurd, right? A swipe is much more convenient. There is more such crap that isn’t worth discussing, check out the source linked below where all the hard work of writing about Samsung bloat has been done for whoever has extra time for it.

We’re more interested in Orbis’ looks, and premium feel that’s being talked about a lot. And can’t wait for some leaked pics of the same. Samsung could announce the Orbis on March 2 in Barcelona, at MWC, when HTC too will showcase a wearable device of its own, albeit on March 1, but that could be either a smartwatch, or a fitness band — there’s confusion.

Source: SamMobile

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