RoundR gives you rounded corners in apps on your Android device

The flat UI design followed by almost every mobile operating system today leaves almost no space for rounded corners in the system interface, but rounder corners are something that can add a nice visual touch to an OS, something which webOS and the custom ROM MIUI for Android implement(ed) pretty nicely.

Now, you can get rounded corners in each and every app on your Android device with RoundR, a new app released by XDA forum member Mohammad_Adib. “RoundR takes advantage of the fact that regardless of the device’s color, the screen is surrounded with a pitch black border, the corners of which are rarely ever touched. RoundR places four small overlays at the corners of the display, to simulate a rounded screen.”


Needless to say, the difference, while pretty small, makes the interface on your device look quite good and aesthetically pleasing. Once you install RoundR, it runs as a persistent service in the background, rounding out the corners of any app that you open. You can change the corner radius to increase or decrease the level of roundness of the corners, and also enable or disable rounded corners for any of the four edges of the display.

RoundR is also open source (code available on GitHub), so we can expect to see some neat ideas implemented into it with input from other developers, which is a big advantage. Hit the source link for more details on RoundR or the Google Play link to install it on your Android device. Android 2.1 and above are supported.

Google Play Link

Source: XDA

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