Root Nexus 6 with CF Auto Root by Chainfire!

Well, just like that Chainfire released CF Auto Root for the Nexus 6 as well! Chainfire has released root for all officially announced Android 5.0 Lollipop firmwares and for some Moto devices, the developer has released Android 5.0 root even before any official/leaked Android 5.0 update arrived.

Chainfire’s CF Auto Root a.k.a CFAR is a one-click root method for your Nexus 6. All you need is an unlocked bootloader on your device, and in case your device isn’t already unlocked the CFAR will attempt to unlock the bootloader on your Nexus 6. However, with Android 5.0 Lollipop, you’ll first have to enable OEM unlock from developer options under settings to be able to unlock bootloader.

Why root Nexus 6? Rooting is where the real fun of Android begins, it takes your customization experience on Android to a whole another level. Root access basically means getting system-level privileges on your device, that’s to be able to modify system files. Root access isn’t allowed by default because if used without knowledge or care, you could easily soft-brick an otherwise fine device. So if you’re new to rooting and stuff, make sure you follow proper instructions while doing anything that requires root access.

Warranty? Yes, rooting your Nexus 6 would void the warranty on the device. If you do something that bricks the device while it’s rooted, then the service center rep. may not cover your device under warranty. However, it’s easy to unroot Nexus 6 and restore it back to stock factory condition. So it isn’t really a issue as long you take the device to service center in an un-rooted factory condition.

All that said, let’s talk a bit about the rooting method we’ll be using to root your Nexus 6, CF Auto Root (CFAR). CFAR works by flashing a modified boot image on your Nexus 6 to inject root stuff and SuperSU app into the system folder. When you run CF Auto Root on your PC, you’ll see a red Android on your Nexus 6 screen with some text showing CFAR’s progress, then after 10 seconds your Nexus 6 will reboot. It might reboot a couple of times, but don’t worry, it’s normal.


  Download Nexus 6 CF Auto root (11 MB)
File name:

Simple Instructions

  1. Boot into bootloader mode via adb or hardware buttons.
  2. Connect your Nexus device to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Unzip the file on your computer.
  4. Run the root-windows.bat file.

Happy customizing!

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