Is Rocket Arena Cross-Platform? Everything You Need to Know

Rocket Arena Cross-Platform

Rocket Arena’s out again, and this time the explosive 3v3 madness seems here to stay. We think. Final Strike, the developers, have parted ways with Nexon, the previous publisher, and teamed up with EA Games for re-release. This time around, the game comes with an up-front price tag, and despite some gripes from the playerbase, sports some undeniably creative and fun gameplay akin to a mashup of Super Smash Brothers and Overwatch blended together in a Fortnite-esque aesthetic.

With the up-front price tag, however, many are understandably wondering how large the initial playerbase will be and thus, which platform is the best choice for them.

But does it matter?

Rocket Arena is Crossplay — Between All Platforms

Yes, Rocket Arena is on the few games that managed to get gaming’s biggest crossplay stalwart, Sony, to relax, cut loose a little and enable cross-platform support. The game is available on Windows via Origin and Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 at $29.99 for the Standard Edition and $39.99 for the Mythic Edition that includes some cosmetics and a modest pile of Rocket Fuel, the game’s premium currency. Most importantly, it supports full crossplay between all platforms.

Indeed, not only is it a rare feat for any game to secure crossplay support from Sony, but it is always a bold move to open crossplay between PC and Console in a shooter, given the former’s general advantage in terms of precision and speed. However, the game’s emphasis on well-timed, well-placed shots rather than relentless bullet-sprays, no doubt helps even out gameplay somewhat. That said, the game doesn’t force the platforms to mingle. Crossplay has to be enabled.

How, you ask? Well…

How to Enable Rocket Arena Crossplay

screenshot of Rocket Arena friends tab

Luckily, enabling Rocket Arena Crossplay is as easy as pie.

  1. Open up Rocket Arena.
  2. Click on the ‘Game’ tab.
  3. Near the top is a Crossplay option. Set it to ‘Enabled.’

How to Crossplay with Friends

The major purpose of crossplay is, of course, so you can smash your console friends to smithereens using your unbeatable keyboard-mouse combo. Or, if you’re a console gamer, to milk your PC friends of delicious IAP to make up for their undue advantage. These are the only two reasons to play with friends.

  1. Once crossplay is enabled, head over to the ‘Discovery’ tab.
  2. Search for your friend’s EA, Steam or PlayStation ID or their Gamertag.
  3. Add them to your friends list.
  4. Hop on over to the ‘Friend and Party’ tab.
  5. Invite the friends most likely to buy you IAP.

And there you have it! Let us know if you have any more trouble getting crossplay enabled, or, more likely. We’d love to help. Unless you don’t have any friends. That we can’t do much about.

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