Qualcomm showcases its new depth sensing camera tech for upcoming Android phones


Well, it looks like fingerprint scanners on smartphones will soon be a thing of past. Apple is expected to introduce a new facial recognition technology on its upcoming iPhone 8 which is said to replace the Touch ID.

And it seems like Android phone manufacturers won’t take much time to embrace this new technology, thanks to Qualcomm. The American chip-maker company has revealed some details about its next years Snapdragon chipsets which, according to the company’s claims, will offer depth sensing and 3D camera capabilities.

The company promises that “the next generation of Snapdragons will be overhauled to do more, or at least the same things but faster and more accurately.”

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“Its new chipset can use infrared light, for instance, to measure depth and render high-resolution depth maps for facial recognition, 3D reconstruction of objects and mapping. The IR light will come attached to the camera module on a phone,” it claimed.

As mentioned earlier, we will get to see this new camera tech with the upcoming flagship Snapdragon SoC which will most likely be unveiled in early 2018.

Meanwhile, check out Qualcomm’s video demonstrating the tech below.

Via: 9to5Google

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