PS3 hack Using Android and HTC HD2

PS3 Hack Android

No doubt, your android phone is quite capable when it comes to simplifying the tasks, but can you imagine android OS helping you jailbreak a PS3. Till now, only PSP feared android — the latter seems a bit too eager to grab a pie of PSP dominated portable games market with its dual core processor phones in 2011 — but now, the mighty and the ultimate gaming machine PS3 will also realize android’s potential, at least in hacking if not gaming. Why? Because an app has been developed to run on android which if followed with proper instructions, will let the user break down the great PS3 wall. Wow!

Whether or not you wanna jailbreak a PS3 of yours or friend’s (for trial, we suppose!) we expect you to be interested enough to know more about the hack, which is explained in details at the XDA Forums here.

We know many users can’t even get through the root process and this hack seems totally like seven levels up from that, but that shouldn’t keep you away from a mere glance on it!

What’s next, now? XBox? Um, let’s leave that up to Windows Phone 7, guys!

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