Pacmap Android Game: Pacman meets Maps. Play Pacman on Nearby streets using Google Maps!

Pac Map Android App

Play with the good ‘ole PacMan in a new way on the location based android game, PacMap. The game detects your location and lets you play PacMan in your neighborhood.

You ever wanted to play PacMan on an arena which in fact is a real world location? Well, admittedly, I never thought of that — me not a genius anyway — but developer Stefan Wagner, it seems, always had this idea tickling in his mind.

He developed PacMap, a location based android game wherein he  integrated the Pacman with Google Maps so that a user can literally play the game with local area serving as environment.

All that you need to play PacMap is a (working) internet connection and GPS turned on. And, an android device running version 2.1 or higher.

Collect the dots on the streets to gain a point but take care to keep away from those ghosts who are chasing you all time.

Oh, by the way, you don’t tilt your phone to play, you actually need to move streets to streets in order to play and collect dots thereby — that sort of bravery is something we would hardly try, though! You can use your bike or motorbike anyway, but if you’re a fitness freak, this game can help you jog a little more — just catch the dots by running straight to them.

Download PacMap using the link below if you’re on phone. Or scan the QR code below with barcode scanner app on your phone.

Scan the QR Code to Download PacMap Android App

Android Market Link

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