OnePlus 6 now intelligently restricts network activities in standby mode to save battery

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It’s not long ago that OnePlus 6 users started receiving an update to OxygenOS 5.1.9 that brought along Google Lens support and image quality improvements and today, the device is receiving another update that is still based on OxygenOS 5.1.9, but its focus is on battery life.

While it’s true having a huge battery promises longer battery life, it’s not always the case. Sometimes all it takes is software optimization and you’ll end up with longer battery life on a device with a smaller battery capacity. This is what OnePlus aims to do to the OnePlus 6 battery life with the latest update.


Thanks to a feature the company calls Sleep Standby optimization, OnePlus wants you to get more juice out of your 3300mAh unit. When enabled, the system will intelligently identify your sleep patterns based on how you use the phone and then turn off the network when it detects a period of inactivity, hence significantly reducing the amount of juice consumed in standby.

Since the phone will be aware of your patterns, all network restrictions will be canceled once it exits the Sleep Standby mode just before your wake-up call.

To access this feature, open your phone’s Settings menu and head to Battery > Battery optimization and tap on the three dots and under Advanced optimization, you should see Sleep Standby optimization.

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