OnePlus 6 Android P DP2 now available for download

OnePlus 6 smartphone

Update [June 16, 2018]: After the Android 9.0 DP2 firmware got leaked on the web already, OnePlus has now made it official too. Which means we have the official changelog with us now. And here is how it looks:

  • Face unlock issue fixed on Android 9.0
  • Camera app is more stable now, shouldn’t crash now
  • App compatibility on Android P is now improved

Though, OnePlus is quick to point out some know issues with the build, too:

  • Portrait mode is still not working in the camera app
  • Wi-Fi SoftAP device manager is also a no-go
  • Issues with Widevine L1

Original article below:

Even before the launch of OnePlus 6, the company had already made it known that the device will be able to pick up the developer preview of Android P once it is released. Well, it did happen weeks ago and we even shared a simple guide on how to install Android P on OnePlus 6, but today, those who joined this program can now download and install the second developer preview of the OS to the device.

Although OnePlus hasn’t made the public beta version of Android P available for OnePlus 6 users, it’s worth noting that the incoming Android P DP2 is equivalent to the first public beta that came out at the Google I/O 2018 over a month ago, meaning it’s still far from being perfect for use as a daily driver.


Nonetheless, if you wish to join in the fun, we have a download link available for you right below, but keep in mind that this being a developer preview, it is primarily meant for developers who want to test their apps on OnePlus 6 ahead of the official launch of the OS.

Do let us know how the OnePlus 6 Android P DP2 update treats you.

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